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Sep 1 '14

juliamalario asked:

Hi! Um, those shoes that were revealed on taobao with kitty's, (the purple ones with the spikes on the back) do u have any idea if they are for EAH or mh and if u do know, which doll? Thank you so much! 😊

Assuming you’re talking about the purple shoes in this post


Right now, i don’t know if they are for EAH or MH, However, Personally, I think they would be for Monster High, The chains suggest a Ghost character, Possibly shoes for Spectra or any other character we might not have seen yet for the 2015 “Haunted” line/movie.

Maybe one of our followers knows more about them?

Aug 30 '14

Casta Fierce

Hey all- just bought Casta Fierce at Walmart in California for $24.97! They also had all of the inner monster packs, add on fashion packs and the deluxe inner monster set ($29.97). Happy shopping!

Aug 28 '14



New shoes from Taobao.

9 - Draculaura Monster Exchange
12 - Cleo?
15 - ?
20, 21 - ?
8 - Kitty’s shoes have cute cat’s ears on them ^.^

12….? Snake heels…..? I remember snake heels…. from some time, long ago….. A character all but forgotten by Mattel….


Aug 24 '14
Aug 22 '14

Anonymous asked:

how come monster high releases dolls early???

Well, I think it just has to do with Mattel trying to get the lines out as far as possible by the date they set for the release. If they initially start sending out dolls the exact month they say it is releasing, most places won’t get the dolls for months and months after that.

Aug 22 '14


Haunted artwork. Via the Monster High Zazzle merch (thanks Neptunableu for the link!)

We’ve already seen Vandala, and leak of Spectra, but Rochelle being apart of Haunted is new news. 

And then Clawdeen and Draculaura are both labeled as Boo York on their pages, but those are the only illustrations of Catty & Operetta, and their styling is all too similar (I see a lot of faceted surfaces on shoes & sunglasses).

It’s too early to tell what Boo York is going to be. We know Haunted is the big movie line for Spring 2015, and we already have a core line (Monster Exchange), a dance line (Bloom & Gloom), and a budget line (Freaky Field Trip). Maybe they’re the next 2-Packs or an entirely store-exclusive line, or maybe the next movie?

Aug 21 '14

Anonymous asked:

Is mattel making a Barbie Little sister Chelsea holiday doll this year?

Not that I could find but there is a safari, easter and valentines Chelsea dolls coming out for the 2014

Aug 19 '14


Kinda spooky…yet I’m a little intrigued…

Aug 19 '14

New “Exchange Students” for Monster High
Credit goes to Ever After High Dolls on Facebook


New “Exchange Students” for Monster High

Credit goes to Ever After High Dolls on Facebook

Aug 16 '14

Anonymous asked:

are there any news about the holiday princess dolls(mattel disney princess)? who will be the princess this year?

There isn’t any information about the Princess holiday dolls but they have the regular 2014 Holiday Barbie.